“ I think it’s beautiful, the way you talk about things you love. “


My Art

I'm a Lifestyle Photographer who specializes in Weddings, Portraits, and Family photography. I pretty much have given myself the name of a modern traditionalist. I love the adventure of now and elements of surprise but value of tradition and roots. My personality is now starting to venture into our home which has turned into Modern Industrial farmhouse. Absolutely love cool greys, white whites, depth, and straight lines. But I also love comfort of big couches covered in soft fluffy blankets and creamy whites that warm an almost cold home. I love rain. I love poetry, books and music. I value adventure and travel. I love camping and road trips. Theirs nothing like a good musical or reggae. Infact, my hubby and I will sing together and he can play guitar like a mutha!

I’m a wife to wonderful man (Ryan) that I had the pleasure of meeting young (15 and now looking even sharper and dapper AF! Lol!) and sharing most of our life together now as growing old wise souls. He’s a wild spirit who keeps my old soul on fire and I’m the calm to his spontaneity. Took years to understand, lol! But man, is it worth it! Were blessed with two amazing kind and strong babes. Landon Wayne (6), and Addison Rose (4). They’re magical. As truly cheesy as it sounds, I really mean it. Those little crotch goblins have taught me so much as a woman. I never thought I’d learn some of life’s greatest lessons until I became a mommy. The top rules in our home is 1. Grow with God. 2. Be Kind. 3. Value life and growth. 4. Just work hard. Never become entitled. Work hard and pursue with passion!

I’m a servant. Truly I love it. I love serving. I love helping. I’m the “mom” of the group. And I used to HATE it! Lol! But now as I get older, I love the title. I love being that person.

I want to give you images that meet who you are. Who are you? Thats my goal. I want to hear about you and your journey. Lets create art together. Lets capture those moments you hold most dear. If your that kind of person, family, couple….then I think we may be on to something, don’t-cha think?