Has it really been that long?!

Yes. Yes, girl it has been. Is what you’re more than likely saying in your head right now.

I haven’t updated my website for so long. Mainly because I am so not tech savvy, like AT ALL! So everyday I would procrastinate. Give me a camera and editing software and I can do my thang. Tell me to write something off the top of my head? You betcha! Tell me to learn a song and it’s notes? Hell yea! Want me to declutter, organize, and clean your home? Call me your OCD bestie! But tell me to build and create my own website, lol that’s a big PASS!

But yet, here we are… I couldn’t delay the process any longer. And you know what? I’m happy I sucked it up, put on my big girl panties, and got to work. EEK! Sorry for any kinks in the site! I’m sure with my OCD, I’ll correct them sooner or later, lol!

As I opened my website I felt like I was looking back in time. Holy moly! Talk about growth! I always hear from friends and family how much my work has transformed and how much I’ve grown as an artist and woman. But this was a real eye opener to their encouraging comments. It’s not that I think my art was bad before now, but more so that I really feel I’ve come into my own. That I’ve “grown up” artistically, emotionally, and inner. I’m really enjoying and embracing my old goofy soul these days. And damn, that feels good.

I really want this site (to the best of my non tech savvy ability) to show who I am as an artist and person and attract similar kindred spirits with the same eye for art and detail like me. My style has definitely transformed from light and airy country to blacks, whites, and dusty or bold neutrals with that Modern Industrial vibe. Definitely more lifestyle and those “in between moments”. Clean lines. Give me all the geometry of lines! Still a lover of light. And still a hopeless romantic. I now offer travel, to feed my adventurous soul and the need to connect with everyone everywhere. I’m telling you guys, its been one hell of a wonderful ride and I can’t wait to see what this year is going to bring my heart!

So where have I been?! Still here in beautiful Temecula with my two babes who are now 6 (Landon) and Addie Rose (4). And God forbid I forget to mention my stud muffin Ryan. Who is still dapper as ever. Man he looks even better and better as he gets older. Lol!

But yea! Still here and rocking my art! I’ve had such a growth in my photography over the past few years. I’ve met some pretty incredible people who have trusted me to care of their precious memories. And for that I am so beyond grateful. Many weddings, many maternity sessions, many new born sessions, and now offering my secret love of Silhouette (aka Boudoir).

I just feel like this was the time to come back and show off my growth and art. In all humbleness, of course. So if your reading this, Thank you. Thank you for coming on in and allowing me to re-invent myself and sharing with you.

I can’t wait to create more in depth art this year and I absolutely can’t wait to create art with you.

The Demimonde Dolls


Unique kind of women of questionable behavior.... ;)

As my second shooter (Jamie) and I rolled through Palm Springs heading to a trendy AirBNB, that was going to be our session location for the evening, all we could do was talk about how we wish inviting a photog to your bach session was a "thing" when I got had gotten hitched. We could not wait to meet the bride and her tribe and capture the pure fun and excitement between a group of gals that had known the bride for so many years and celebrate everything about her and her approaching wedding.

I had yet to see the gals that would be gracing our lens, and to be honest, I was so anxious! I knocked nervously on the bright orange door and turned to my homie Jamie and said "Are you nervous like I am??". Before she could answer, a beautiful tall brunette opened the door and her gorgeous friendly smile swept across her flawless face. All nerves went out the window as we said our "Hello's" and we were introduced to the others breathtaking gals.

I remember starting to shoot details with Jamie while they finished getting picture perfect and said, "Well this will be such an easy session! They're so pretty and friendly!". As we continued to shoot details, I saw sign the said "DEMIMONDE" hanging on the living room wall. Out of curiosity, I googled the meaning. How ironic it was to have a bach party session with this sign hanging above and have the meaning fit so well for this particular event! Lol!From that moment on, I decided to call this tribe The Demimonde Dolls. Fierce. Flawless. Fun. I would tell them to strike a pose and they were on it!

This AirBnB was so cool! It was a retro themed, 3 bedroom home, with a nice yard and pool. The decorating reminded me a bit of Mad Men, and I LOVED it!!! Only minutes away from what I call "The Palm Springs Strip" full of night life, hip restaurants, and shops. A definite must rent!

Thank you girls for such an amazing time! I know that I've said THANK YOU like a billion times! But I'm so very grateful to have been able to be apart of your fun and memories!



Second Shooter: Jamie Christine Photography

AirBnB: Private Parker Desert Oasis Palm Springs CA



Anthony and Cassandra

Now that I have a website, I can proudly introduce the Lovely Bride and Handsome Groom that had kick started my wedding season!

Friends, I'd love to introduce Anthony and Cassandra! Their gorgeous wedding was held at The Country Club at Soboba Springs. This venue was surrounded by rolling hills, a lush golf course, a waterfall, and mini ponds. Blue skies and light breezes were there to greet me and my assistant that day. As Billy Idol would say "It's a nice day for a white wedding." You're right Billy, it was a nice day for a white wedding. *Now I want to listen to New Wave music. (Note to self- create a wedding playlist for future weddings and play such music list as I get ready and drive to venue to get more amped up then I'll already be...).*

I couldn't have been more excited then when Cassandra told me their wedding colors for their big day. Lots of different shades of blushes, greys, whites, lace, and gold accents, with special touches of a candy table, skeleton keys, bird cages, and center pieces with big fluffy flowers. Traditional, yet unique, to fit their personalities.

This wedding is a party to forever be remembered. From the look on his face the first time he saw her as she walked down the isle, to them reciting their own written vows to one another, to that amazing first dance as hubby and wifey filled with twirls and sweet embraces, the way they laughed quietly with each other on the dance floor, to catching them sneak "flirty eyes" through out the whole reception. I just couldn't have had a better first wedding of the season. Them, their supportive bridal party (you guys are a freakin blast!), their loving family, and their friends who partied like no tomorrow, totally set the tone of what weddings are all about!

Thank you so much Anthony and Cassandra! I'm so honored to have been apart of such a beautiful wedding!



Joey and Milia

Today on the blog is this gorgeous picture perfect Bride and Groom! Everyone I'd like to introduce Milia and Joey!

I was blessed to be asked by a dear friend of mine (Alexes) to come and shoot along side of her at this down to earth beach wedding. Oh man, am I so glad she asked me! This couple is to die for! (Thank you girl! I owe you!)

First, let me tell you how small this world is for a second though, shall I? As Alexes and I are waiting in the coordinators office to get some last details, the brides mom walks in with her husband. The mom and I take a quick glance at one another, and then a double take, and then a triple take, and then she exclaims, "ALEX?! Oh my gosh! What are you doing here?!". I couldn't believe it! This beautiful woman takes my Zumba classes at 24Hour Fitness in Temecula! Her baby girl was the gorgeous Bride to be! What a small world! Am I right?!

People.... I Luuuuuhhhhved this wedding! It was a traditional Luau style wedding. Gorgeous sunset and beach as the back drop, paired along with big white flowers and greens with golden accents within the decor. Down to earth, laid back, tons of laughter, and music blasting. Oh, and my Zumba Chica?? She can flippin hula! She did a hula dance for her baby girl and son in law! Like REALLY?! My jaw was on the floor! Then her daughter got up and did a hula dance for her hubby... DAAAANG! Joey, don't worry, I didn't take a picture of you drooling.... LOL!

I couldn't help but get a tad emotional. I'm part Filipino, but never had the honor of knowing those roots deeper. I got to witness that Filipino bond of family and love and generations celebrating and singing the night away in honor of the Bride and her Groom. Two families becoming one and loving one anther to the fullest. It was so beautiful to see so much happiness and celebration in one room. I mean, how could I not have cried anyways?!

Being a second for the main shooter, you have a list of what they need and want. That is our job. That is what were hired and trusted for. So to be able to have had the chance to capture images that usually only the main will grab is an amazing opportunity. Thank you so much Alexes, AGAIN, for letting me come along with you and Joey and Milia and being able to grab those epic sunset shots!!

Thank you to the families and of course the Bride and Groom for allowing me to be apart of something so unique and beautiful. Thank you Alexes for trusting me to be your right hand that day. I'm so honored to have helped you. Your work is gorgeous as always my dear friend!

Well, lets not wait a second more......


Can My Words Even Begin To Describe ~Ireland~ ......

I've literally waited days...weeks.... trying to figure out how I would write about Ireland. I would begin to type away and then delete it all. I just feel like everything I start to write, it just can't even begin to describe all that Ireland held. It's vast beauty, it's deep history, it's unbreakable roots of family and pride in their homeland. It left me constantly speechless and in awe of every little detail it held. So as I begin to blog, I have to keep in mind, that I can't possibly write about every single thing that I experienced. My friends, it would take days to write and days for you to read. With this being said, I will write what I can and pray that you can get just a taste and then go book your flight for your future visit. If this has been on your bucket list, I BEG OF YOU, don't wait! Do it! Do it NOW!

Our first place of what we would call "home sweet home" for the first few days was The Slieve Donard located at the foot of the Mountains of Mourne in Northern Ireland. The locals kept saying that we must have brought the weather with us because we experienced nothing but blue skies, light breezes, and the locals running to the beach to get the rare sunshine that's usually not offered from their weather. We enjoyed breakfast every morning while watching the ocean waves roll in and out and the sea gulls fight over the little crabs running on the beach shore. Nothing but green mountains and lush land surrounded our views. We enjoyed walking down the local streets where we joined locals at their favorite Gelato parlors and sipped true Guinness at pubs (Hands down THE. BEST. BEER. I have EVER had, and I really do not enjoy beer. So this says something.) and of course, ate real Irish cod fish and chips (HOLY CRUD! DELICIOUS! I will never eat Fish and Chips in CA ever again.). We had joined a few tours to which one went to Belfast where we were able to see the exact spot the Titanic was built and how it was structured. We were told to go to visit and have a drink in Belfasts' oldest pub, Whites Tavern. Whites Tavern has been open since 1630! Ryan got himself a Guinness while I decided to sip on Jameson Whiskey. It only felt appropriate to do so, yea know?! We were able to visit and tour the Queens official residence in Northern Ireland and walk around and enjoy her beautiful gardens and have afternoon tea in her home while devouring the yummy pastries, scones, and tea sandwiches. On our last night within Northern Ireland, we were invited to a legit old castle where we would have a Game Of Thrones themed dinner. Come to find out (I've never watched GOT..I'm sorry...I know...I suck) this is an actual castle where they have shot episodes for the show! I got to put my butt in the actual throne used in the show! The set up was so cool! Our tables were inside a large tent, and as we walked in, long tables were decorated with bowls of fruit and loaves of bread with real Irish butter. Jugs of wine and beer flowed as Irish music played in the background with laughter adding to the atmosphere. We were required to eat with our hands and served what they would have eaten in those days (Utensils were provided for the wimps. I'm no wimp people! LOL!). The smell of camp fire and food filled my nose as we sat and soaked it all in. I just kept filling like I needed to be pinched. So much to take in within just the first few days we were there. It just didn't feel real....

The next place we were going to call "home sweet home" was the GORGEOUS Powerscourt located in Wicklow Southern Ireland (make sure you read the history about Northern and Southern Ireland before you go! VERY Important to know!). Nothing but green and rolling hills surrounded every square inch of scenery. Nothing but lush land, endless hills, and green. It just wasn't this flat green either. I mean, I'm talking every hue of green you can even begin to imagine! Water falls, streams, lakes.... I'm telling you... my words can not even describe. Images just flash in my brain and I just get emotional thinking about what I took in. We went into the city of Dublin where we found the most coolest pubs! The first was what reminded me of a "speak easy". It had a facade of a library and you almost had to second guess yourself when first walking in. This darling pub was called Number Twenty Two and served the most delicious and creative cocktails! We enjoyed another Guinness at The Duke where this "watering hole" has been serving locals since 1822! A place to definitely enjoy a drink while absorbing the history. We had the pleasure of being invited on a small private tour to escape city life and "go behind the scenes" so to speak. While being blessed to pull off the side roads, walk the mountain trails, and winding roads. We viewed where the Guinness family estate was, stood right next to a water fall, walked old castle grounds, viewed old cemeteries, and drove through the bogs (did you know they found a 400 year old fully preserved body in the bogs?!). One cemetery, their is a large stone cross. Locals say that if you place your back and your loved ones back against it and hold hands and close your eyes, then you will be together forever, even after death. Of course Ryan and I did it. That dude will be with me forever whether he likes it or not. (You'll see that in every picture Ryan has to do a pose -insert eye roll here-). The locals are the most generous, kind, beautiful people I have ever met. So quick to help when they saw you were possibly lost. So quick to give their favorite eats and pubs and share history. Don't be afraid to ask a local. They may even invite you over for a home cooked meal. Lol!

Needless to say, it was hard to leave with feeling like their was so much more to see and experience. So much so, Ryan and I plan on trying our very best to take a trip once a year. Their really just wasn't enough time. Although we were excited to get back to our babies we just couldn't get our fill of Ireland. I can't wait to go back. My heart actually yearns for it. Maybe that's why I was so hesitant to blog about it? Knowing that I would have to have flash backs of the most beautiful place I've ever been and knowing I'll have to wait to return back to it? I get teary thinking of this experience. It's happy tears though. I just still can't believe I was there.

As you view my memories captured, I just kept telling Ryan that I feel like they are all missing something, and I really pray you don't feel the same way. It really bugs me. Like really! Then Ryan can say the most profound things, "It's missing the feeling you got when we were standing there, because although your images are beautiful, it's a feeling you get when your physically standing there in the moment.". Yep. Yep that's it. I pray that you find the pictures beautiful, but I pray more that you get to go and breathe it all in yourself one day. That's my prayer for you. That you get to see the wonder God created there.

I'm sure that this blog seems almost "rushed". I'm more then sure I left something out here and there. It's bound to happen. Their is just so much to talk about that I could be here for days. So now, I'll have to close out, and just allow you to look and view. This type of photography really took me out of my shell. I'm used to shooting people. So to shoot tons of detail and scenery in all hours of the day, really had me trying to reach for something different each time. Especially within editing the images. I didn't want to edit towards "my style" because it didn't feel right to alter what I was actually seeing in front of me. I wanted you all to see the different colors, the sky and how it changed dramatically, the city life, and details within the stone work. Just real. Just as I saw.

I pray you enjoy. Thank you for allowing me to express and share something so meaningful that occurred in my life.



My Baby Sister Isn't A Baby Anymore | Movement During Your Session | Love Yourself

So I couldn't wait to blog this. I was actually going to wait for another week. But when my sister came to visit and we had a KILLER summer sunset yesterday, I couldn't resist sharing our last minute session.

Theirs something relaxing about driving and getting lost in your hometown in hopes to find that new "IT" location. But it's also another when you have your sister in the car with you saying, "What about there?? Or here?? Oh wait that's really pretty!".... music flowing in the car, laughing at dumb jokes, windows down, chasing light...

We ended up finding a little dirt road that dead ended with rolling hills and an amazing view of the vineyards and citrus trees. Did a bit of a walk to the tallest hill, and began. I turned on the music on my phone and we just let it all go. I was looking at my sister and said to my self... damn she is such a beautiful young woman. I am so proud of who she is shaping into. She's not a baby sister anymore but a woman/best friend that I can confide in. Share adult experiences and life with.

Slow movement in between clicks is the best advice I can give my clients during their session. I say this at every shoot, but literally think of Americas Next Top Model when at your session. Flutter the eye lashes. Shift hips and shoulders from side to side. Take a deep breath and then exhale while slowly looking up into the lens. Dance lightly and soak in that light. Breath in your surroundings. Turn off that you're in front of a lens, but let the freedom of your surroundings take over. Think of your happiest funniest memories and let it pour out on to your face.

Taking pictures has nothing to do with "I'm just awkward in front of the camera...I've just never been the best to take pictures of...". With the right setting and direction I'm a firm believer in catching something in you that you never knew you ever had. Angles of your face that you didn't think were there. The deep colors in your eyes, the slope of your nose, or the dimple in your cheek. It always makes me so sad to hear people say they hate their picture taken because they aren't ready. It's always an honor to capture your beauty and be able to show it to you and say, "SEE!!! That's you! That's ALL YOU!".

Even with my sister (who I think is absolutely breathtaking) she too, hates her pictures taken at times and has a lot of insecurities. But I noticed towards the end of the session (I notice with every client actually) that her insecurities were gone and she was able to just be free, and that my friends, is how we get the images that we can get. From your freedom in who you are and the love you can build for yourself. Loving yourself should never be frowned upon. In fact I encourage it. Love yourself fiercely, because you are so beautifully crafted and made.

Go stand in front of your mirror today, turn some of your favorite music on, and go Tyra status! I mean it! I'm not joking! Go and love yourself today! Because I can't wait to capture what you can learn to love and see.



Charlie and Christina

Today I would love to talk (well write) about these two love birds! Let's all say "Hello!" to Charlie and Christina!

It was another gorgeous day here in Temecula, CA. Surprisingly, not as hot as it had been the past few weeks. We also were graced with a nice cool breeze. Perfecto conditions for an engagement session!

As I sat in my car vlogging on my IG stories waiting for them to arrive, I began to get their texts. First text, "We should be there soon!", to which I responded, "I can't wait to finally meet you both face to face! I'm so excited!". Then as time ticks on I received another message. Only this one wasn't as "Yippie-ish". In fact it was Christina telling me that they had pulled over to change in to their session outfits and had locked themselves out of their car and Triple A wouldn't be there for like 45 min. Which WE ALL KNOW that REALLY means like 5 hours....

I felt terrible for them! They had driven from OC for their session and here they are stranded. She began to sweetly apologize over and over and how bad she felt and that I shouldn't wait around for them. I had to keep reassuring her that it was just one of those hiccups in life and that it was OKAY! If anything I felt terrible for them! Then it hit me to ask, "Where are you guys stranded?", "Were in old town Temecula...", "Girl! We are going to make this work!".  I raced over to where they were stranded, slowly watching the light change from white bright to those beautiful orange hues. I finally got there to see that Triple A actually did make it in the time frame they said they would (Air Five Triple A). As soon as I saw her I said, "You must be Christina and Charlie!".

Needless to say.....we did just what I had said we'd do. We. Made. It. Work! We did a fun little walk along Old Town Temecula incorporating the cute little store walls and lively crowds in the mix. Christina and Charlie were so laid back considering the stressful situation they were just in. They played along with my weird questions and asking them to keep kissing and joking with one another. I was able to learn the sweet way of how they met. How he saved her from a guy that would not back off on trying to get her attention. Something you only see in the movies. I seriously don't know how I continue to be so blessed with such amazingly sweet, funny, and laid back couples. Charlie and Christina have this genuine love for one another. That, you can just tell, they really enjoy each others presence.

Thank you so much Charlie and Christina for trusting me that we could make it work to our advantage. Thank you for not giving up and saying "NOPE Were just heading back home!". I just have to say...you guys rocked it! I can not wait for your wedding in September!!! Its going to be amazing! Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

Robert and Jessica Engagemant

Say "HELLO!" to Robert and Jessica on the blog today! I was honored to shoot their engagement session here in gorgeous Temecula, CA. Although it was a very hot and actually humid day, these two hung in there like champs and did nothing but giggle, kiss, and make me swoon over their infectious love.

Jessica and I go way back to the good ol' choir days in high school. So when I found that she found the man of her dreams, I, of course, immediately messaged her and asked if she needed a photographer for her engagement. Luckily, I didn't come across as a creeper and she accepted my offer to shoot their session.  YAY!!

Lets just say I AM SO HAPPY that I was able to! They were amazing to capture! Just so easy. So go with the flow. No complaints about the heat and humidity. No complaints about me asking them to constantly stand in squat positions due to my very short stature and due to them being blessedly tall. Hey, she should be able to handle it anyways...home girl runs marathons like no ones business! How she does it, I wont ever understand, but man do I admire that! And then their was Robert. So frickin' funny! Was very keen to make sure he was hitting the poses just right that I was giving them. Just so content to be near her and play with her and kiss her. No hesitation in-front of the lens. As we walked over to the vineyards for a different scenery, music began to pour over from a nearby winery. Robert, without any hesitation, grabs Jessica and begins to slow dance with her in the vineyard as the warm summer sunset washed over them. I had to hurriedly pick my jaw off the ground to capture that raw moment of love. You Robert are a keeper. OH and that RING!!!! Robert!!! So unique and flippin' gorgeous!!!!! Air five bro!

I hope that everyone falls in love with what they see, as much as I did with them and this session on the blog today. To be honest, it would be hard not too. The love from these two, I'm sure, will just radiate from the screen. They are absolutely infectious and I couldn't feel anymore blessed being able to capture a love like this between a princess and her prince charming.

Congratulations you two!

My Very First Blog....

OH. MY. GOSH. I did it. I FINALLY did it! To be honest, it's a bit surreal that I finally have this Website/Blog up and running. I have wanted to do this since 2011 ! To me, everything is about perfect timing. Kinda like getting married or deciding to have a baby.... which in other terms, there will never be a "perfect" time. It's all about having faith, taking a leap, and just going for it. For someone like me, I'm not really a huge risk taker. I wish I was, but my compulsiveness talks me out of it quite often.

Luckily, I married a man that is the complete opposite and lives life by the seat of his pants. Our two kids definitely inherited that gene of his. It's a curse at times (at least for me to endure day in and day out! Lol!) but I also find relief in knowing that our babies will never hold back in this life we only get to live once.

If you haven't put the pieces together yet, I am a full time stay at home mom and all of the in-betweens that come along with that job title (i.e. nurse, maid, dry cleaner, chef...). Although a challenge at times, I certainly love this job title of wife, mommy, and home maker. I was blessed to decide what I wanted to do when we started to have carbon copies of ourselves and I was able to follow through with those plans.

But before the babes, I had other titles under my belt that had to "take a back seat" so to say, when the journey of starting a family came into play. I've always had a passion for the arts. I was a bit of a choir and drama fanatic in high school. But to balance myself out I also participated in cheer and dance. As I got older, I started teaching dance full time. As long as it provided a creative outlet, I. Was. In. All. In.

Right before finding out the surprise of our son, I started to have this urge to pick up a camera and shoot the beauty I saw in things. I begged and begged for a professional camera. I just wanted to be able to work the camera and not have the camera work me. I wanted to be in charge of what I saw in front of me. Then finally one day that beautiful piece of equipment was there in my very own hands and the rest is history.

Although it did take me FOREVER to get this far (busy with learning how take care of a new born, and then having our next baby, managing my home, and supporting my husbands new business venture) all that matters, is that I am finally here. I'm a firm believer that everything will happen in not our time, but His. He knew when this needed to get started. When my art needed to be shared and my words expressed (weird... "Glorious" by Macklemore just came on as I typed this sentence...). It just feels even more like an accomplishment and something more to cherish and soak in right now. I feel like I should do something crazy like cut a red ribbon with a pair of golden scissors and pop open a bottle of Cab Sav! (Lets be real, that's normal around here soooo... not the golden scissors with a red ribbon part but the bottle of wine. I'm a mom of two. Totes justifiable.)

All I can say now before I end this blog out is, thanks everyone for stopping by. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your love. May this site be somewhere where you can escape and get lost in others smiles and love and place to read on my experiences that let you know that you're not alone in this crazy thing called life.

Do me fave will yea? Go open a bottle of wine and have a glass with me tonight, yea?

Xoxo, Alex