My Very First Blog....

OH. MY. GOSH. I did it. I FINALLY did it! To be honest, it's a bit surreal that I finally have this Website/Blog up and running. I have wanted to do this since 2011 ! To me, everything is about perfect timing. Kinda like getting married or deciding to have a baby.... which in other terms, there will never be a "perfect" time. It's all about having faith, taking a leap, and just going for it. For someone like me, I'm not really a huge risk taker. I wish I was, but my compulsiveness talks me out of it quite often.

Luckily, I married a man that is the complete opposite and lives life by the seat of his pants. Our two kids definitely inherited that gene of his. It's a curse at times (at least for me to endure day in and day out! Lol!) but I also find relief in knowing that our babies will never hold back in this life we only get to live once.

If you haven't put the pieces together yet, I am a full time stay at home mom and all of the in-betweens that come along with that job title (i.e. nurse, maid, dry cleaner, chef...). Although a challenge at times, I certainly love this job title of wife, mommy, and home maker. I was blessed to decide what I wanted to do when we started to have carbon copies of ourselves and I was able to follow through with those plans.

But before the babes, I had other titles under my belt that had to "take a back seat" so to say, when the journey of starting a family came into play. I've always had a passion for the arts. I was a bit of a choir and drama fanatic in high school. But to balance myself out I also participated in cheer and dance. As I got older, I started teaching dance full time. As long as it provided a creative outlet, I. Was. In. All. In.

Right before finding out the surprise of our son, I started to have this urge to pick up a camera and shoot the beauty I saw in things. I begged and begged for a professional camera. I just wanted to be able to work the camera and not have the camera work me. I wanted to be in charge of what I saw in front of me. Then finally one day that beautiful piece of equipment was there in my very own hands and the rest is history.

Although it did take me FOREVER to get this far (busy with learning how take care of a new born, and then having our next baby, managing my home, and supporting my husbands new business venture) all that matters, is that I am finally here. I'm a firm believer that everything will happen in not our time, but His. He knew when this needed to get started. When my art needed to be shared and my words expressed (weird... "Glorious" by Macklemore just came on as I typed this sentence...). It just feels even more like an accomplishment and something more to cherish and soak in right now. I feel like I should do something crazy like cut a red ribbon with a pair of golden scissors and pop open a bottle of Cab Sav! (Lets be real, that's normal around here soooo... not the golden scissors with a red ribbon part but the bottle of wine. I'm a mom of two. Totes justifiable.)

All I can say now before I end this blog out is, thanks everyone for stopping by. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your love. May this site be somewhere where you can escape and get lost in others smiles and love and place to read on my experiences that let you know that you're not alone in this crazy thing called life.

Do me fave will yea? Go open a bottle of wine and have a glass with me tonight, yea?

Xoxo, Alex