Charlie and Christina

Today I would love to talk (well write) about these two love birds! Let's all say "Hello!" to Charlie and Christina!

It was another gorgeous day here in Temecula, CA. Surprisingly, not as hot as it had been the past few weeks. We also were graced with a nice cool breeze. Perfecto conditions for an engagement session!

As I sat in my car vlogging on my IG stories waiting for them to arrive, I began to get their texts. First text, "We should be there soon!", to which I responded, "I can't wait to finally meet you both face to face! I'm so excited!". Then as time ticks on I received another message. Only this one wasn't as "Yippie-ish". In fact it was Christina telling me that they had pulled over to change in to their session outfits and had locked themselves out of their car and Triple A wouldn't be there for like 45 min. Which WE ALL KNOW that REALLY means like 5 hours....

I felt terrible for them! They had driven from OC for their session and here they are stranded. She began to sweetly apologize over and over and how bad she felt and that I shouldn't wait around for them. I had to keep reassuring her that it was just one of those hiccups in life and that it was OKAY! If anything I felt terrible for them! Then it hit me to ask, "Where are you guys stranded?", "Were in old town Temecula...", "Girl! We are going to make this work!".  I raced over to where they were stranded, slowly watching the light change from white bright to those beautiful orange hues. I finally got there to see that Triple A actually did make it in the time frame they said they would (Air Five Triple A). As soon as I saw her I said, "You must be Christina and Charlie!".

Needless to say.....we did just what I had said we'd do. We. Made. It. Work! We did a fun little walk along Old Town Temecula incorporating the cute little store walls and lively crowds in the mix. Christina and Charlie were so laid back considering the stressful situation they were just in. They played along with my weird questions and asking them to keep kissing and joking with one another. I was able to learn the sweet way of how they met. How he saved her from a guy that would not back off on trying to get her attention. Something you only see in the movies. I seriously don't know how I continue to be so blessed with such amazingly sweet, funny, and laid back couples. Charlie and Christina have this genuine love for one another. That, you can just tell, they really enjoy each others presence.

Thank you so much Charlie and Christina for trusting me that we could make it work to our advantage. Thank you for not giving up and saying "NOPE Were just heading back home!". I just have to guys rocked it! I can not wait for your wedding in September!!! Its going to be amazing! Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!