My Baby Sister Isn't A Baby Anymore | Movement During Your Session | Love Yourself

So I couldn't wait to blog this. I was actually going to wait for another week. But when my sister came to visit and we had a KILLER summer sunset yesterday, I couldn't resist sharing our last minute session.

Theirs something relaxing about driving and getting lost in your hometown in hopes to find that new "IT" location. But it's also another when you have your sister in the car with you saying, "What about there?? Or here?? Oh wait that's really pretty!".... music flowing in the car, laughing at dumb jokes, windows down, chasing light...

We ended up finding a little dirt road that dead ended with rolling hills and an amazing view of the vineyards and citrus trees. Did a bit of a walk to the tallest hill, and began. I turned on the music on my phone and we just let it all go. I was looking at my sister and said to my self... damn she is such a beautiful young woman. I am so proud of who she is shaping into. She's not a baby sister anymore but a woman/best friend that I can confide in. Share adult experiences and life with.

Slow movement in between clicks is the best advice I can give my clients during their session. I say this at every shoot, but literally think of Americas Next Top Model when at your session. Flutter the eye lashes. Shift hips and shoulders from side to side. Take a deep breath and then exhale while slowly looking up into the lens. Dance lightly and soak in that light. Breath in your surroundings. Turn off that you're in front of a lens, but let the freedom of your surroundings take over. Think of your happiest funniest memories and let it pour out on to your face.

Taking pictures has nothing to do with "I'm just awkward in front of the camera...I've just never been the best to take pictures of...". With the right setting and direction I'm a firm believer in catching something in you that you never knew you ever had. Angles of your face that you didn't think were there. The deep colors in your eyes, the slope of your nose, or the dimple in your cheek. It always makes me so sad to hear people say they hate their picture taken because they aren't ready. It's always an honor to capture your beauty and be able to show it to you and say, "SEE!!! That's you! That's ALL YOU!".

Even with my sister (who I think is absolutely breathtaking) she too, hates her pictures taken at times and has a lot of insecurities. But I noticed towards the end of the session (I notice with every client actually) that her insecurities were gone and she was able to just be free, and that my friends, is how we get the images that we can get. From your freedom in who you are and the love you can build for yourself. Loving yourself should never be frowned upon. In fact I encourage it. Love yourself fiercely, because you are so beautifully crafted and made.

Go stand in front of your mirror today, turn some of your favorite music on, and go Tyra status! I mean it! I'm not joking! Go and love yourself today! Because I can't wait to capture what you can learn to love and see.