Joey and Milia

Today on the blog is this gorgeous picture perfect Bride and Groom! Everyone I'd like to introduce Milia and Joey!

I was blessed to be asked by a dear friend of mine (Alexes) to come and shoot along side of her at this down to earth beach wedding. Oh man, am I so glad she asked me! This couple is to die for! (Thank you girl! I owe you!)

First, let me tell you how small this world is for a second though, shall I? As Alexes and I are waiting in the coordinators office to get some last details, the brides mom walks in with her husband. The mom and I take a quick glance at one another, and then a double take, and then a triple take, and then she exclaims, "ALEX?! Oh my gosh! What are you doing here?!". I couldn't believe it! This beautiful woman takes my Zumba classes at 24Hour Fitness in Temecula! Her baby girl was the gorgeous Bride to be! What a small world! Am I right?!

People.... I Luuuuuhhhhved this wedding! It was a traditional Luau style wedding. Gorgeous sunset and beach as the back drop, paired along with big white flowers and greens with golden accents within the decor. Down to earth, laid back, tons of laughter, and music blasting. Oh, and my Zumba Chica?? She can flippin hula! She did a hula dance for her baby girl and son in law! Like REALLY?! My jaw was on the floor! Then her daughter got up and did a hula dance for her hubby... DAAAANG! Joey, don't worry, I didn't take a picture of you drooling.... LOL!

I couldn't help but get a tad emotional. I'm part Filipino, but never had the honor of knowing those roots deeper. I got to witness that Filipino bond of family and love and generations celebrating and singing the night away in honor of the Bride and her Groom. Two families becoming one and loving one anther to the fullest. It was so beautiful to see so much happiness and celebration in one room. I mean, how could I not have cried anyways?!

Being a second for the main shooter, you have a list of what they need and want. That is our job. That is what were hired and trusted for. So to be able to have had the chance to capture images that usually only the main will grab is an amazing opportunity. Thank you so much Alexes, AGAIN, for letting me come along with you and Joey and Milia and being able to grab those epic sunset shots!!

Thank you to the families and of course the Bride and Groom for allowing me to be apart of something so unique and beautiful. Thank you Alexes for trusting me to be your right hand that day. I'm so honored to have helped you. Your work is gorgeous as always my dear friend!

Well, lets not wait a second more......