The Demimonde Dolls


Unique kind of women of questionable behavior.... ;)

As my second shooter (Jamie) and I rolled through Palm Springs heading to a trendy AirBNB, that was going to be our session location for the evening, all we could do was talk about how we wish inviting a photog to your bach session was a "thing" when I got had gotten hitched. We could not wait to meet the bride and her tribe and capture the pure fun and excitement between a group of gals that had known the bride for so many years and celebrate everything about her and her approaching wedding.

I had yet to see the gals that would be gracing our lens, and to be honest, I was so anxious! I knocked nervously on the bright orange door and turned to my homie Jamie and said "Are you nervous like I am??". Before she could answer, a beautiful tall brunette opened the door and her gorgeous friendly smile swept across her flawless face. All nerves went out the window as we said our "Hello's" and we were introduced to the others breathtaking gals.

I remember starting to shoot details with Jamie while they finished getting picture perfect and said, "Well this will be such an easy session! They're so pretty and friendly!". As we continued to shoot details, I saw sign the said "DEMIMONDE" hanging on the living room wall. Out of curiosity, I googled the meaning. How ironic it was to have a bach party session with this sign hanging above and have the meaning fit so well for this particular event! Lol!From that moment on, I decided to call this tribe The Demimonde Dolls. Fierce. Flawless. Fun. I would tell them to strike a pose and they were on it!

This AirBnB was so cool! It was a retro themed, 3 bedroom home, with a nice yard and pool. The decorating reminded me a bit of Mad Men, and I LOVED it!!! Only minutes away from what I call "The Palm Springs Strip" full of night life, hip restaurants, and shops. A definite must rent!

Thank you girls for such an amazing time! I know that I've said THANK YOU like a billion times! But I'm so very grateful to have been able to be apart of your fun and memories!



Second Shooter: Jamie Christine Photography

AirBnB: Private Parker Desert Oasis Palm Springs CA