Has it really been that long?!

Yes. Yes, girl it has been. Is what you’re more than likely saying in your head right now.

I haven’t updated my website for so long. Mainly because I am so not tech savvy, like AT ALL! So everyday I would procrastinate. Give me a camera and editing software and I can do my thang. Tell me to write something off the top of my head? You betcha! Tell me to learn a song and it’s notes? Hell yea! Want me to declutter, organize, and clean your home? Call me your OCD bestie! But tell me to build and create my own website, lol that’s a big PASS!

But yet, here we are… I couldn’t delay the process any longer. And you know what? I’m happy I sucked it up, put on my big girl panties, and got to work. EEK! Sorry for any kinks in the site! I’m sure with my OCD, I’ll correct them sooner or later, lol!

As I opened my website I felt like I was looking back in time. Holy moly! Talk about growth! I always hear from friends and family how much my work has transformed and how much I’ve grown as an artist and woman. But this was a real eye opener to their encouraging comments. It’s not that I think my art was bad before now, but more so that I really feel I’ve come into my own. That I’ve “grown up” artistically, emotionally, and inner. I’m really enjoying and embracing my old goofy soul these days. And damn, that feels good.

I really want this site (to the best of my non tech savvy ability) to show who I am as an artist and person and attract similar kindred spirits with the same eye for art and detail like me. My style has definitely transformed from light and airy country to blacks, whites, and dusty or bold neutrals with that Modern Industrial vibe. Definitely more lifestyle and those “in between moments”. Clean lines. Give me all the geometry of lines! Still a lover of light. And still a hopeless romantic. I now offer travel, to feed my adventurous soul and the need to connect with everyone everywhere. I’m telling you guys, its been one hell of a wonderful ride and I can’t wait to see what this year is going to bring my heart!

So where have I been?! Still here in beautiful Temecula with my two babes who are now 6 (Landon) and Addie Rose (4). And God forbid I forget to mention my stud muffin Ryan. Who is still dapper as ever. Man he looks even better and better as he gets older. Lol!

But yea! Still here and rocking my art! I’ve had such a growth in my photography over the past few years. I’ve met some pretty incredible people who have trusted me to care of their precious memories. And for that I am so beyond grateful. Many weddings, many maternity sessions, many new born sessions, and now offering my secret love of Silhouette (aka Boudoir).

I just feel like this was the time to come back and show off my growth and art. In all humbleness, of course. So if your reading this, Thank you. Thank you for coming on in and allowing me to re-invent myself and sharing with you.

I can’t wait to create more in depth art this year and I absolutely can’t wait to create art with you.